5 Timeless Tips for Dressing Your Man

5 Timeless Tips for Dressing Your Man

When you look over at your hubby, what do you see? Unless you’re one of the lucky few, your answer is probably going to be “a gorgeous man wearing a pair of sweatpants I’d like to burn.” Unfortunately, even guys who pulled out all the stops to look fancy during the dating period tend to get a little too relaxed once they’re in a long-term relationship. And, let’s face it: some never had much of a fashion sense, to begin with.

If you’re just dying to see your husband looking a bit more debonair on date night, don’t fret. We’ve put together a list of five timeless tips to help you soup up your man’s style without hurting his feelings.

  1. Start with the Basics

Sure, seeing your spouse in a three-piece suit is one way to get your heart racing, but why not start with the basics? Begin by swapping your husband’s tattered, 3-year-old boxers for a pair of stylish boxer briefs that hug his hips and don’t sag. Black is timeless, though if your guy is a little quirky, you can always opt for a fashionable pattern, like subtle paisley or safe stripes. And don’t forget socks: A good pair of socks can complete any outfit. Check out this helpful roundup of best socks for inspiration.

  1. Gift Him Fashionable Gear

It doesn’t matter how many hints you give some men, they simply don’t have the time or the inclination to go out hunting for the perfect outfit. One way to get around this is to expand your husband’s wardrobe with gifts. If he knows that you put effort into picking out a gift, he’ll be more likely to want to show it off to you. However, make sure you start simple, with a classic slender tie or a smart white shirt, to gauge his reaction. There’s no point in trying to make him wear things that are way out of his comfort zone.

  1. Go on a Shopping Date

One way to avoid bringing home clothes that your guy wouldn’t dream of wearing is to bring him along with you. To avoid any reticence on his part, don’t just invite him on a shopping date. Make sure to include activities that he loves too, like lunch and a movie. Then, when he’s blissfully happy in your company, skilfully direct him to the nearest menswear department and tell him how much you love seeing him dressed up. With bolstered confidence, you’ll be surprised how ready he is to try on some new clothes.

  1. Be Positive

A sure-fire way to get resistance when trying to style your man is to be critical. You need your guy to know that you’ll be attracted to him no matter what, and his habit of wearing his old college jumper all weekend definitely isn’t a deal-breaker. So, make sure to frame your suggestions in a positive way. Instead of saying “your jeans are gross and make your ass look flat,” try “I bet you’d look amazing in those jeans.” You want to build him up, not bring him down.

  1. Lead By Example

When you’ve been together for a number of years and both have hectic jobs and possibly a few kids to worry about, looking fashionable suddenly takes a backseat (and rightly so). However, if you’re trying to get your husband to pull out all the stops for date night, make sure you’re willing to do the same. Once your man sees you in a gorgeous little black dress and your favorite pair of heels, he’ll usually be more than willing to make sure he looks worthy of being by your side.

Next time you feel like your man’s letting the side down stylistically, try out these five timeless tips. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few little changes can make.

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