Stay one step ahead with convenient ishow hairstyles

Stay one step ahead with convenient ishow hairstyles

ishopbeauty’s collection of headband wigs are made from high-quality human hair, sourced from donors all over the world. In order to maintain quality for customers, Ishow’s collection has a strict policy on damaged products: if you receive a damaged item that cannot be fixed then they will gladly provide you with a refund or replacement, all upon receiving proof of damage. Their wigs are unique and versatile enough to entice everyone even picky choosers. So get up and select from an amazing collection and read on for more information.

Versatile functionality:

The headband wig from IShow Beauty is a unique style. It's got the versatility of a bandana and the function of a wig, so you can have both in one great accessory. You can tie it around your neck or flaunt it on your head to give yourself a new look with just a few movements. And while it's functional, don't think this piece has skimped out on features either. The outside layer is made from cotton linen blend fabric, if worn as a scarf-style headdress, to keep you cool through those hot summer months. Also comes with 3 extra loops for multiple styles and adjustable strap for convenience. What more can you ask for?

Convenient ishow hairstyles for you:

Headband wigs can help regrow and protect your hair, giving it a break by hiding underneath. A solution for medium to long-haired gals who need extra coverage as it offers relief from scalp pain and discomfort since there’s no weight of heavy hair on their head. Weaves and hair wigs can be a personal stylistic choice, but what makes wigs so unique is the ability to try on different personalities without changing your actual appearance.

Let's explore them: The wig starts off as pre-measured "rings" human hair that are adhered together with lace front closures. The lace fronts come in matching colors and blends for natural looking results. Discover the new lace wigs with a straight hair for women who embraces their natural beauty while taking care of their personal style needs. This wig is perfect for styling because it can simply be reshaped over and over again without compromising its structure or texture.

A wide array of colors:

It also doesn't lose body when styled so even if it's curled up in an updo you'll always look flawless. Want to add some dimension? Go for one of these and have the time of your life. This Headband wig can be paired with any outfit and goes great for formal occasions. With textures like loose waves, and straight and curly hair, this will compliment your style easily.

Headbands are a must-have for cold weather. You can never have enough in your closet or on you at all times! As the temperature starts to drop, grab this styled headband a chance to impress you with its warmth. They are soft, breathable, easy to wear, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Don't forget the matching makeup to complete your perfect look!