When Can You Use a Pressure Washer At 3100psi?

When Can You Use a Pressure Washer At 3100psi?

The pressure washer is one of the best tools to be used for cleaning purposes. But there is a limit of applied pressure depending on the purpose you’re using the washer for. For household activities, the pressure shouldn’t go above 100psi. But for outdoor activities, the pressure may go as high as 3100 psi. However, if you start using such high pressure at home, you’ll end up damaging some of the goods. So, let’s see what are the conditions in which you can use the pressure washer at 3100 pounds per square inch.

· For Cleaning Roofs or Gutters

You may either use hot water or cold water pressure washer for the removal of dirt. And that’s when you need it the most. However, you may use a pressure washer at 3100 psi for cleaning the outside area. For example, in order to clean the benches and floors, you may use the above-mentioned option. You may also use them for the cleaning of patios, and slides in parks and roofs.

In order to clean wide surfaces such as outdoor floorings, you may use special lances also. Moreover, at times, when you use your bike in a dusty area, the dirt starts to stick to the seat. So, high-pressure washers may also be used there as well. Don’t dare to use these washers for windows or glass of cars because high pressure may damage those parts instead of cleaning them.

· For Cleaning Mud & Grease

Mechanics often have to deal with grease coming from engine fumes because of oil. Under such circumstances, using a hot water pressure washer becomes the need of the hour. Also, keeping the pressure as high as 3100 psi will get the job done with ease. The same is the case with heavy construction tools. Just keep the pressure high for cleaning the machinery or else, the machines may not work the way they are supposed to do.

· For Taking the Molds out

Molds usually grow on the walls and ceilings of homes. And it’s a thing of great concern for homeowners as well. But the solution is here. You may use a pressure washer at 3100psi to get rid of molds. Just add a turbo nozzle on the front part of the washer to scrap the molds from any surface. This will clean the surface as well as make the wall look beautiful.

You may also use a cold water pressure washer for paint removal. Hot water pressure washers at high pressures are used in the case of oil-removal mostly. High pressure lets you remove adhesive materials in a minimum time. A high flow rate lets you wash heavy dirt thoroughly without bothering much. So, keep a balance between the two for getting the job done.


You cannot use a pressure washer at 3100 psi for household purposes. However, under certain circumstances, you can do that as well. But mostly, pressure washers at high pressures are used in industries or for cleaning outdoor surfaces. So, make sure that you choose the correct pressure washer to get the job done.